Canadian Technology Accelerators


"The CTA experience was extremely valuable, and in particular the staff (both in the Bay Area and in Boston) helped us make key connections that opened several new business opportunities. We’ve booked substantial new revenue from a new, blue-chip customer in the Bay Area already this year, and we’ve deepened our relationship with another key California-based customer. We have also just closed an A-Series investment from firms with which we developed relationships during our time in the Boston CTA."

“Overall, the CTA program is a jewel, giving Canadian businesses a significant leg up. The staff and programming are top-notch, and their help has been transformative for our company. I really can’t say enough good things. If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur looking to do business beyond Canada’s borders, you’re doing your business a disservice if you don’t investigate what the Government of Canada’s CTA program has to offer.”

- Michael Fergusson, CEO, Ayogo Health

"The CTA environment enabled us to create quick business potential with international players in our field. We were able to conclude a joint venture, and we are in the process of doing proofs of concept with an Indian multinational."

- Benoît L'Archevêque, CEO and Chairman, Azzimov Corporation

"The CTA gave us an outstanding opportunity to work in our preferred international market—Boston. The combination of helpful support, strong networking opportunities, access to excellent Canadian start-ups and the location in Kendall Square made the CTA program exceptional. CTA has been instrumental in helping Strue raise our next seed round, meet advisors, refine our business model and pitch and connect with the Boston business community. We very much appreciate the opportunity to have been a part of it, particularly the support we received. If you have an opportunity to participate, we’d highly recommend it."

- Jordan MacLeod, Founder and CEO, Strue Inc.

"The Canadian Technology Accelerator experience helped refine and accelerate segment plan and pipeline development refinements, and help received during CTA participation has create an accelerated sales process and a more successful market strategy. The CTA was a useful facility in accelerating business/market planning, saving a substantial amount of time and effort and compressing plan-to-execution cycle."

- Toni Skokovic, Vice President, Sales, iNTERFACEWARE Inc.

"The Canadian Technology Accelerator located in San Francisco’s RocketSpace provided with the launching pad necessary for connecting with key stakeholders, for drawing new customers and engaging existing customers already in the San Francisco area, and for securing new partnerships with heavy hitters like Adobe—many who were part of RocketSpaces’ corporate development arm. Thanks to the CTA, a number of invaluable relationships were created for The growth experienced in the CTA has supported the expansion of our London, Ontario office."

- David Ciccarelli, ‎Founder and CEO,

"While working at the CTA in San Francisco we built countless relationships that have led to numerous strategic partnerships, including an excellent partnership with a major consultancy. We will continue to maintain a presence in-market as we work toward raising funding and continue to foster ongoing relationships with partners."

- Affinio Inc., Nova Scotia

"The CTA helped Camouflage by connecting us with key players within the Greater New York area that would otherwise have been unreachable for us. The stellar advice we have received from our CTA mentors and the connections they have facilitated put us in a great position to expand and accelerate our growth not only in New York but in the broader U.S. market, as well."

- Kevin Duggan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Camouflage Software Inc.

"The Canadian Technology Accelerator is an excellent program, well organized, great speakers and the investors connect opportunities were exactly what we needed."

- David Wagner, President and CEO of Atlantic Hydrogen Inc.

"Our participation in the CTA has helped us land our largest and highest-profile client yet in Cirque du Soleil. The feedback and mentorship we received helped refine how we describe our business to be more clear and concise and clearly demonstrate our value proposition."

- Chris Breikss, President, Sheng Li Digital

"From the onset of the program, the Trade Commissioner and their staff laid out a comprehensive and well-laid-out plan from A to Z on how to properly and effectively enter the burgeoning Indian marketplace, from the in-person sessions and weekly webinars to the fruition of the on-the-ground visits in the three major hubs of technology and business. The meetings placed us in front of the key industry leaders and decision makers in a high-level government-to-business setting that most likely saved us two years in legwork and screening had we attempted to enter the market directly ourselves. The trade commissioners through the CTA program enabled us to safely expedite our company’s exposure and our direct contact with the specific industry leaders in a market that we would most likely have not considered entering due to the complexity and diversity of the Indian market."

– Hussein Amery, Vice President of Business Development, Wedge Networks

“Strata Health’s activity is essentially associated with lengthy sales cycles and requires investment in keeping with starting up our activity in a new market. For example, it took us seven years in the United Kingdom to get our first business deal. The CTA program helped us within a very short period to build a solid network of prospects, potential partners and influential clinicians within the health ecosystem. At the end of the program, we even signed a proof-of-concept partnership agreement with our first customer in France. 

This market development test phase, made possible by the CTA program, will have been a very positive experience for our company, as we are currently launching Strata Health France, our French subsidiary.”

- Strata Health Solutions Inc.

“The CTA program enabled me to develop a personal relationship with a complementary individual who has become a joint shareholder and active member of the company’s management team. In addition, through the meetings held as part of the program, we were able to develop a new product and improve the features of projects already under development.”


“In just four months and with the help of trade commissioners from the Canadian Embassy, we have gained an understanding of the dynamics of the French eHealth market and increased our visibility, and having legitimacy and a foundation, positioned ourselves alongside business partners. Our company is in the process of concluding a distribution agreement for the solution in France, which will step up market penetration to an even greater extent in numerous areas.”

- MedClinik Inc.

« We are a Canadian life science research company that has built proprietary technology platforms. We entered into this CTA to explore whether we could apply these platforms to the creation of a spin-off, equity based company focused within a specific field of life science. Our CTA involved being embedded at ICM, a leading neurodegenerative research centre in Europe. As our result of our interaction with ICM, and the support of the CTA, we were able to achieve this goal. In collaboration with leading researchers at ICM we built a pilot project that optimizes the fit between our technology platforms and the most pressing needs for biomarker discovery for Alzheimer's disease. With their assistance we were able to finance this pilot project, and finance the creation of a subsidiary in France with support from a major pharmaceutical company. We went into this CTA with the intention of exploring possibilities, and we exited the CTA having realized the formation of a new company with tremendous wealth potential. This would not have happened without this CTA program »

- NeoVentures