Canadian Technology Accelerator - San Francisco (Tech)

Information and Communication Technologies

How to apply: Click here to receive an Application Form. For more information contact:

Why San Francisco?

CTA@SFTech provides access to:

  • Strategic partnerships;
  • New customers;
  • Financing opportunities;
  • Office space amongst inspired and like-minded global entrepreneurs;
  • Introductions to experienced mentors and advisors including successful Canadian executive expatriates;
  • Access to industry leaders, venture capitalists and other key resources
  • Networking events with potential partners and investors.

What is CTA@SFTech?

  • The CTA@SFTech is located at “RocketSpace” in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA District, a top tech and new media cluster surrounded by well-known digital media companies.
  • Specializing in growing tech start-ups and SMEs in mobile gaming and Web 2.0.
  • RocketSpace is the largest shared-work accelerator facility in San Francisco.
  • Rocket Space’s quality is recognized industry-wide, which encourages leading venture capitalists and corporate investors to attend the multiple events it hosts each week.

Is it right for you?

Apply if your company fits the following profile:

  • Revenue-positive;
  • Fully-built and validated product;
  • Prepared to prospect and close deals;
  • In a financial position to sustain 4 months of business development in the San Francisco market;
  • Can send at least one senior member (C-level or Founder) and a business development person to take part in the program.

Key Program Dates

For more information contact:

* Dates subject to change