Export USA Webinar: U.S. Customs Compliance and Documentation Requirements for Canadian Exporters

The interconnectedness of Canada and the United States speaks to the depth of our relationship. Our safe and secure Canada - U.S. border facilitates over $1 million in cross border trade each and every minute, adding up to over $742 billion in goods and services. In addition, Canada is the largest export market for 35 States which ultimately supports 7.1 million jobs in the U.S.

This webinar will show Canadian companies how to become a global trade guru: Mastering the Art of U.S. Logistics and Trade Compliance.

Why should you participate? You will:

  • Learn how to level the playing field against your U.S. competitors by selling on a duty delivered basis;
  • Find out which Customs compliance and documentation requirements need to be met so that your products reach your customers without disruption;
  • Get the solutions to your logistics challenges, including tips on how to reduce your international transportation costs.

For additional information, please email TCS-Webinar.GNC@international.gc.ca.

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