Testimonial Videos

Success Stories

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies navigate foreign markets. These testimonial videos highlight company successes as well as how the TCS helps companies avoid costly mistakes.

How to make market entry faster & more efficient

Learn about how a Canadian company in the renewable energy sector is refining its market entry strategies, gaining high-level market insight, tapping key decision makers, and getting strategic advice on which markets to prioritize – all quickly and efficiently.

Company goes to market three times faster with the TCS

When this biotechnology firm set its sights on the U.S. market, its company president enlisted the help of the Trade Commissioner Service – a move that he says made their market penetration up to three times faster.

Get answers to elusive duty and distribution questions

This medical device maker had Europe in in its sights but logistics and distribution challenges were significant for its complex robotic arm product. Find out how one company met these challenges head-on with the Trade Commissioner Service.

How one firm boosted its on-the-ground presence abroad

This water infrastructure firm knew that there was demand for its product in Asia and South America, but needed help to unearth the market insight it needed to deliver sales. Find out how this Ontario company multiplied its ‘feet on the ground’ and was able to get key intelligence quickly.

Company gets its ‘knee’ in the door the smart way

The key to this orthopaedic technology company’s market entry strategy is to tap key medical opinion leaders – the same highly solicited opinion leaders that many other firms are looking to reach. Find out how this company got its ‘knee’ in the door.

Education firm learns to tailor its market entry strategy in China

This P.E.I.-based educational firm set its sights on Japan, China and Korea, in addition to some European countries, but learned that a one-size fits all approach did not work. Find out how the company tailored its approach in China.

How one company fills key market intelligence gaps abroad

Polar Mobile is a rapidly expanding Toronto-based high tech firm that develops smartphone applications. The company’s CEO is a rising Canadian business star - one who also enlists the Trade Commissioner Service when his company lacks the key market intelligence it needs to get in the door quickly and stay clear of pitfalls.

How to access key government and business leaders

A Winnipeg company credits the Trade Commissioner Service with providing its executives with access to key government and business leaders in India and around the world—a network this executive says is like getting "the moon on a gold plate."

On-the-ground intelligence gives firm a lift-off in Russia

An Ontario firm—a prime contractor to NASA—is making in roads in the challenging Russian space market with the help of a key partner and some unmatched commercial intelligence. Watch this short video to see how this company is taking off.

Company shares keys to success in emerging markets

Murad Al-Katib, President of SaskCan Pulse Trading Inc, grew his company from the ground up. Watch this short video to hear Al-Katib share his thoughts on what is helping his company in challenging emerging markets.

How one firm avoided disaster in Peru

This broadband wireless firm has a solid track record in over sixty countries. But the company pursued a potential opportunity in Peru that could have wasted a lot of their time and money. Watch the video to see how they averted disaster.

Key business advice gives firm a leg up in Europe

At what point should a company bring up price in negotiations? And is it ok to talk business at lunch in France? A Quebec-based firm shares some lessons learned from its recent European venture and why one of the keys to its success abroad was very close to home.

Company finds a way to leverage key partnerships

For most small companies ready to make their first foray abroad, getting market intelligence can be costly and gaining access to key contacts can be difficult. See what one Nova Scotia firm did to mitigiate the risks of going it alone.

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