Curaçao Study and Career Fair

Date: November 08-09, 2017
Venue: World Trade Center Curaçao
Location: Willemstad, Curaçao, Venezuela
Target Audience: Canadian educational institutions at all levels and education associations.
Sector: Education

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is pleased to invite eligible Canadian institutions and education associations to participate in the Curaçao Study and Career fair which is organized by a third party in which the TCS will participate. Participants will have a booth and private rooms to give a presentation to audiences of potential students, parents and student counsellors. This is an annual event and the largest education event in the market of Curaçao.  For further information you can visit the organizers website at:

Why your organization should participate:

  • Compare your product/service with international competitors
  • Develop a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in foreign markets
  • Gain insights and market intelligence
  • Increase visibility of your product or service
  • Meet academic or research entities
  • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
  • Participate in networking events
  • Pitch your product /service to selected audiences
  • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

  • Networking event
  • Product pitch to select audiences

The Trade Commissioner, Victor Stott, is specializing in the Education sector for the Curaçao market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.