Composites Suppliers Meetings South Carolina

Date: October 09-11, 2017
Venue: TD Convention Center
Location: Greenville, South Carolina, United States of America
Target Audience: Composites suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers interested in pre-arranged B2B meetings with large composites users, including Toray, BMW, Michelin, Boeing, and GE.
Sector: Aerospace

Meet composites buyers and engineers from some of the biggest firms in the industry - including GE, Toray, BMW, Boeing, Honda, Triumph, Michelin, and Lockheed Martin - at Composites Suppliers Meetings South Carolina. CSM SC is a supply chain event that brings together composites manufacturers and users from industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, renewable energy, and more. Engineering, procurement, supply chain, and commodity teams will meet with participants during pre-arranged one-on-one meetings. The event is similar to the A&DSS conference in Seattle, and is organized by BCI, the same company who organizes A&DSS and Aéromart Montréal.

Companies will highlight their capabilities at registration and then will be matched with procurement and engineering personnel for two days of B2Bs. The event is opened with a half-day workshop discussing the future of advanced materials. Learn more at

The Trade Commissioner Service has negotiated a discounted registration rate for Canadian firms. For additional information or to register at the discounted rate, contact Robert Tate, Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in Atlanta.

Why your organization should participate:

  • Attract foreign students, inform parents and school counsellors
  • Compare your product/service with international competitors
  • Gain insights and market intelligence
  • Increase visibility of your product or service
  • Meet academic or research entities
  • Meet foreign education institutions and/or organizations
  • Meet innovation collaborators or industrial R&D partners
  • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
  • Meet key regulatory bodies
  • Participate in networking events
  • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
  • Pitch your product /service to selected audiences
  • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

  • Business-to-business meetings
  • Networking event
  • Pavilion/exhibit
  • Product pitch to select audiences

The Trade Commissioner, Robert Tate, is specializing in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors for the southeastern US market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.