#HOTCS: Clint Martin, Kyiv

Azuka Ogundeji, Lagos

“One of my favourite things as a Trade Commissioner is trade outreach, travelling in-country to find opportunities and leads for Canadian exporters. It gives you a chance to get to know the country outside the capital. In Ukraine, for example, if companies are looking to hire locally, salaries, real estate, and cost of living are much different in Kyiv versus secondary cities. That can make a big difference in finding a good place to open a business.

Ukraine is a very positive market, full of opportunities, especially now that the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement is in force. Key sectors that present a lot of opportunity for Canadian companies are agricultural equipment, agrifood, meat, fish and seafood, aviation/aerospace and energy. The risks of this market can be mitigated by doing due diligence on your partners and getting to know the local business community and associations that can advocate on behalf of companies, and we are here to help as well.”

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