Services for Partners

We work closely with our partners to promote Canadian economic interests abroad by helping Canadian firms who have researched and selected their target markets meet their international business development objectives through:

  • export market development
  • foreign market access
  • foreign direct investment in Canada
  • international business contacts
  • licensing and franchising
  • joint venture and strategic alliance development
  • scientific and technological networking
  • R&D collaboration
  • business visit information

We Are Here to Help

Before contacting our Offices Abroad, you can learn about the plans and priorities of other partners in your region by contacting your Regional Office in Canada.

To learn more about our key services, choose from the following:

For services we do not offer, we provide referrals to local service providers who generally charge a fee.

Organizing a Business Mission Abroad?

Our office in your target market can help you plan and execute your international business development mission. Please contact us at least 8 weeks prior to departure. For missions comprising at least 3 visiting organizations, we will enter into a written Business Mission Agreement with you to clarify our respective roles and responsibilities.

Assess Your Market Potential

We can help assess your international strategy in the target market.

We provide:

  • strategic advice on doing business in the market, including branding
  • intelligence on opportunities and major barriers
  • insight into emerging trends, regulations and policy issues
  • notification of upcoming events (trade fairs, partnering seminars, conferences and trade missions)
  • suggested next steps

For additional information or assistance, contact your Regional Office in Canada, choose a target market from our network.

Find Qualified Contacts

Connecting You to Foreign Contacts

We can identify foreign contacts that have the local knowledge you need to refine and implement your international marketing strategy. These foreign decision-makers, partner organizations and intermediaries could include:

  • government officials and policy networks
  • businesses and potential investors
  • key participants for business events in Canada
  • counterpart associations and strategic partners
  • research and educational institutions
  • financial institutions and venture capital firms
  • science and technology stakeholders
  • professional and business associations
  • lawyers, accountants, consultants
  • communications professionals and media

Information About Foreign Organizations

We will provide information on organizations or companies you have identified in your target market. This could include their policies, priorities and plans. If there are any charges for accessing databases, we will let you know. Credit checks are referred to specialized agencies.

For additional information or assistance, contact your Regional Office in Canada, choose a target market from our network.

Resolve Problems

We can help explore solutions to important strategic or urgent market access issues and, where agreed and appropriate, help advocate Canadian positions. Learn more


Where we are not able to assist, we will refer you to qualified third parties in the local market who charge a fee for services such as:

  • detailed market research
  • accessing specialized databases
  • extensive program of appointments
  • logistical support
  • business support services
  • participation in business events
  • temporary office or display space

In markets where qualified third parties are unavailable, our office will arrange directly for these services at a cost.

For additional information or assistance, contact your Regional Office in Canada, choose a target market from our network.

Who Are Our Partners?

Our partners include:

  • Canada's International Trade Portfolio
  • Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments
  • Business and industry associations
  • Educational and research institutions
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Economic development and other agencies


Our partners are invited to call our client feedback line at 1-888-306-9991 or should you prefer, send an email to to make any comments or suggestions.

Visit our Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Enquiries page for more.