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Trade Commissioners in Saksatchewan

Saskatchewan is Canada’s leading province in economic growth. Over half of all economic performance is reliant on international trade. The province has made world class advancements in agriculture, energy, agriculture equipment, life sciences, information technology, cultural and consumer products.


Our Trade Commissioners can provide your business with trade, investment and innovation opportunities. We focus on the following sectors:

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  • determine if you are internationally competitive,
  • decide on a target market,
  • collect market and industry information,
  • improve your international business strategy,
  • connect you to international opportunities, and
  • introduce you to our network of trade commissioners around the world.

Our Service Commitment to You

We understand the sensitivity of your business information and will hold it in the strictest possible confidence, outside of exceptional circumstances. However, certain information, including that related to the commission or possible commission of offences under Canadian law, may be disclosed to law enforcement or other authorities.