7th International Skills Forum 2017

Date: December 12-14, 2017
Venue: Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters, Manila
Location: Manila, Manila, Philippines
Target Audience: Educational Institutions
Sector: Education

Research on human capital investment shows that quality of schooling, rather than simply the average years of schooling, contributes more strongly to economic development of a country. Universal basic skills developed through high quality schooling are a critical base, and different types of skills are necessary to cope with emerging changes.

More than 100 million school-age children in the Asia and the Pacific Region, either leave school early or leave school without learning the basic competencies required to function effectively. To realize the ambitious quantitative and qualitative targets of sustainable development, particularly SDG 4 (education) and SDG 8 (employment), it is essential to forge smart partnerships with traditional and non-traditional partners to identify and build on innovative good practices to transform teaching and learning.

The big question is, how are education systems responding to such changes?

The 7th International Skills Forum: Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs provides an excellent opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, experts and partners from ADB member countries and other regions to build upon their current knowledge and to acquire new ideas to help in implementing effective and relevant education and training systems to be more responsive to changes.

Building on the previous skills forums, the 2017 Skills Forum will link pathways and youth aspirations across different levels of education. The Forum will highlight the importance of different types of skills (cognitive, noncognitive and occupational) as well as lifelong learning to improve life choices of increasingly mobile workforce that expects to have more careers in a world of longer working life and changing definition of jobs. 

Senior government officials from across Asia and the Pacific, representatives from the private sector and development specialists will join with international experts to share their thinking, learn from transformational practices, develop new approaches, and forge collaborations.

The Forum will highlight:

  • Transforming education and training with technology, eLearning and innovative partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership skills to support job creation
  • Scalable examples of new approaches in an “Innovation Marketplace”
  • New and different types of skills to be acquired through formal and informal pathways and opportunities to link human resource development to support reform.

The 2017 Skills Forum is expected to attract more than 400 participants. To find out more, please contact ADB Technical Advisor for Education, Mr. Brajesh Panth email bpanth@adb.org.

Why your organization should participate:

  • Develop a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in foreign markets
  • Gain insights and market intelligence
  • Increase visibility of your product or service
  • Meet academic or research entities
  • Meet foreign education institutions and/or organizations
  • Receive mentoring and coaching
  • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
  • Learn more about ADB opportunities in the education sector.

Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

  • Business-to-business meetings

The Trade Commissioner, Christian Denter, is specializing in the IFI sector for the Philippine market and can provide information on this and other local events that you are considering, as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

More information

The 2017 Skills Forum is expected to attract more than 400 participants.  To find out more, please contact ADB Technical Advisor for Education, Mr. Brajesh Panth email bpanth@adb.org