Canadian Trade Commissioner Service - Atlantic Region (NB, NL, NS & PE)

Street Address:

1791 Barrington Street, Suite 415
Atlantic Office of the Trade Commissioner Service
Halifax, NS
B3J 3K9

Tel: Toll Free / Sans Frais: 1-888-306-9991

Fax: (902) 426-5218



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Office Hours: Monday through Friday : 9:00am -5:00pm (E.S.T.: +1)

Territories/Responsibilities: Atlantic Region (NB, NL, NS & PE)

Office Closure: 2018-01-01, 2018-03-30, 2018-04-02, 2018-05-21, 2018-07-02, 2018-08-06, 2018-09-03, 2018-10-08, 2018-11-12, 2018-12-25, 2018-12-26

Ms. Kathryn Aleong
Director, Atlantic Region
Senior Trade Commissioner

Ms. Christine Smith
Deputy Director

Mr. Stéphane Crépeau
Trade Commissioner
Information and Communications Technologies

Ms. Emily King
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Defence and Security, Ocean Technologies

Mr. Gaëtan Martineau
Trade Commissioner

Ms. Allison MacKenzie
Trade Commissioner
Clean Technologies

Mr. Alexandre Lanteigne
Trade Commissioner
Consumer Products, Professional Services