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Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 0830 - 1700 (E.S.T.: +6)

Territories/Responsibilities: Germany: Coordination of the business development program covering trade, investment and cooperation in R&D. Among sectors of focus: Aerospace & defence; energy and environment; industrial machinery; mining; marine industries; rail transportation; construction materials; cultural industries (film/TV production/music/multimedia); life sciences. Investment Section: Supports potential German investors in establishing their operations in Canada, with active efforts on the automotive sector, energy-related machinery and equipment, life sciences and wind energy. S&T Section: Supports joint research activities involving Canadian and German companies, Universities and Institutes with a focus on initiatives having strong potential for commercial application.

Office Closure: 2017-01-02, 2017-04-14, 2017-04-17, 2017-05-01, 2017-06-05, 2017-08-07, 2017-09-04, 2017-10-03, 2017-11-13, 2017-12-25, 2017-12-26

Mr. Jason Tolland
Senior Trade Commissioner

Mr. Christopher Maclean
Counsellor (Commercial)
Senior Trade Commissioner

Mr. Ghislain Robichaud
Counsellor S&T
Senior Trade Commissioner
Science and Technology

Mr. Detlef Engler
Trade Commissioner
Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada

Mr. Hendrik Taulin
Trade Commissioner -Investment
Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada

Mr. Thorsten Henke
Trade Commissioner
Industrial Machinery, Infrastructure, Transportation

Mr. Eduoard Huot
Trade Commissioner
Financial and Insurance Services, Life Sciences, Market Access

Mr. Pieter Bouwer
Trade Commissioner
Industrial Machinery, Infrastructure, Market Access, Ocean Technologies, Transportation

Ms. Claudia Seeber
Trade Commissioner
Arts and Cultural Industries, Market Access, Tourism

Mr. Thilo Lenz
Trade Commissioner

Dr. Bruno Wiest
Trade Commissioner -S&T
Automotive, Chemicals, Clean Technologies, Information and Communications Technologies, Science and Technology

Mr. Arndt Ulland
Trade Commissioner -S&T
Clean Technologies, Science and Technology

Mrs. Rola Martban
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Mr. Enrico Nake
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Mr. Olivier Roy
Trade Commissioner Assistant