EVS30 - International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, f-cell, BATTERY+STORAGE

Date: October 09-11, 2017
Venue: Stuttgart Fair
Location: Stuttgart , Germany
Target Audience: High-level innovation and business representatives
Sector: Automotive, Clean Technologies

Companies and research organizations from the e-mobility and clean energy technology sectors are invited to participate in EVS30, f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE in group stands organized in partnership with the Gouvernement du Québec, the Government of Ontario, and Global Affairs Canada.

Canada is well positioned to capitalize on the dynamic development in electric mobility and sustainable energy, making the event an attractive venue for identifying new innovation and business opportunities. The focus of EVS30 - the 30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition - is on e-mobility, infrastructure and integrative transportation, whereas the focus of the f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE is on intelligent sector coupling of heat, electricity and transport and on hydrogen, battery and fuel cell technologies.

In addition to German exhibitors and visitors, the international conference and exhibition with a large side program is attracting some 300 European and international exhibitors and group stands from Germany, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Norway and China, making the event a platform for pursuing global business interests. The Stuttgart region is home to automotive OEMs and suppliers such as Daimler-Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Mahle and Bosch, and of many innovative globally operating companies from the advanced manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, electrical and electronics, ICT and cleantech sectors.

EVS30, f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE is a CANADA150 celebration event.

Why your organization should participate:

  • Compare your product/service with international competitors
  • Develop a first-hand understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in foreign markets
  • Gain insights and market intelligence
  • Increase visibility of your product or service
  • Meet academic or research entities
  • Meet key commercial entities, industry players, and potential buyers, investors and/or partners
  • Participate in networking events
  • Participate in pre-organized business to business meetings
  • Pitch your product /service to selected audiences
  • Receive mentoring and coaching
  • Receive on-the-ground assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioner(s) involvement:

Activities organized by the Trade Commissioner Service

  • Business-to-business meetings
  • Networking event
  • Pavilion/exhibit
  • Site visits

The Trade Commissioners, Bruno Wiest, bruno.wiest@international.gc.ca, and Fanny Bousquet, fanny.bousquet@internatiional.gc.ca, are specialized in the automotive and cleantech sectors for the German market and can provide information on this and other local events as well as advice on business development in the region. Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.