Who can Apply | Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Who can apply

Eligible recipients are Canadian communities and non-profit, locally based organizations that are seeking assistance, for example:

  • to offset costs associated with developing marketing tools aimed at foreign investors;
  • for specific FDI training;
  • to identify potential investors and/or coordinate interactions with them; or
  • to develop and implement multi-year international investment attraction and retention strategies.

Please note that eligible recipients must be incorporated (legal entities) and able to enter into legally binding agreements.

ICCI adjudication committees may support the provision of a contribution to a community or not-for profit organization acting as a third party or intermediary on behalf of a number of eligible communities.

Specifically excluded as eligible recipients are departments, agencies, Crown corporations and other organizations at the federal or provincial level.

Eligible and ineligible expenses

Applicants should carefully review the following lists of eligible and ineligible expenses before completing their application form. The first list of ineligible expenses applies to all activities. The subsequent lists of eligible and ineligible expenses are arranged by activity category. Please be sure to align the expenses listed for each component of your project with the correct eligible expenses.

Please note that for the purposes of the ICCI program, consulting services exclude any scenarios where an employee-employer relationship exists between the consultant and the organization.

Ineligible expenses related to all activity types:

  • Costs associated with hiring consultants to develop ICCI applications.
  • Taxes: GST, PST, HST, VAT or taxes applied by foreign governments.
  • All giveaways: gifts, events/shows/concert tickets, logo items, cups, mugs, pens, etc.
  • Travel costs incurred by applicants, partners or consultants not related to FDI training; travel costs incurred by potential investors.
  • Hospitality: Cost of meals or alcohol; lodging; clothing and uniforms; and all giveaways.
  • Trade show/conference participation: registration fees at international trade shows or conferences (in Canada and abroad), booth design / purchase / assembly and shipping, design of promotional material specifically for a trade show, overhead costs such as pre-show mailing, stationery and long distance phone calls, research to target companies at a trade show, consultant costs for organizing outgoing missions (including training participants); consultant costs to develop target business cases for follow up with potential investors after a trade show; cost of developing an advertisement (design and layout) for show specific publications.
  • Activities or projects related to attracting infrastructure for tourism and motion picture industries, e.g.: to develop ski resorts, theme parks and film production facilities.
  • Capital costs: infrastructure development, capital expenditures to acquire or enhance assets, software licenses, electronics (computers, fax, machines, digital cameras, etc.), and demonstration aids. Capital costs include the direct costs of acquisition, construction, expansion, modification, conversion, transportation, installation and insurance (during construction) of fixed assets, as well as the cost of licensing and franchising fees.
  • Overhead costs: Postage, including postage for direct mail campaigns; phone; office space rental; photocopying.
  • Salaries and benefits of personnel.
  • Consultants are expected to have a specific expertise outside of what the community would be normally have. Consultant or contractor fees are ineligible where there are indications of an employer-employee relationship (e.g. students, contractor/consultant shares office space, has business cards of the organization, has a title of responsibility within the organization, has a presence on the website of the ICCI recipient, etc.). Also, a contractor or consultant cannot be a representative from a current ICCI recipient organization.
  • Miscellaneous: activities to attract investment from inside Canada; costs incurred before the application's approval date; activities for which one or more partners expect to receive compensation in the form of a commission, finder's fee, or other forms of remuneration; promotion activities related to properties or business investment in which one or more partners receives a personal or corporate financial gain.

For expenses associated with FDI training:

Eligible expenses

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) training: courses as part of the community's investment attraction and retention strategy for employees of the Community.
  • Travel costs (only for economic development staff and only in association with an investment training program), including transportation, hotel, per diem allowances, airport departure taxes, fees and insurance, as per Treasury Board guidelines.
  • Consultant fees.

Ineligible expenses

  • Development of training courses/modules.
  • Consultants hired to facilitate a training session.

For expenses associated with FDI strategic planning and analysis:

Eligible expenses

  • Research and studies: identification of target corporations, comparative competitive analyses, development of business cases, business retention and expansion studies, etc.
  • Economic data: collection of community and economic data for investment profiles, etc.
  • Strategic FDI planning: consultant costs, development of strategic plans, community consultations.
  • Translation: translation of documents or website content into either of Canada's official languages or foreign languages
  • Consultant fees.

Ineligible expenses

  • Research activities not associated with investment attraction, retention and expansion.
  • Collection or purchase of statistical data not associated with investment attraction, retention or expansion activities.

For expenses associated with FDI tool and material development:

Eligible expenses

  • Promotional material (print or electronic): design and layout only.
  • Advertising: design and layout.
  • Software customization (but not the cost of software license or off-the-shelf add-on modules).
  • Website development: development and/or major redesign, addition of significant architecture and functionality.
  • Translation: translation of documents or website content into either one of Canada's official languages or foreign languages.
  • Consultant fees.

Ineligible expenses

  • Regular website maintenance and updating web content, site hosting, software licensing.
  • Corporate logo design, costs of printing, pressing CDs or DVDs, and recording of videos.
  • Design and layout of non-investment ads (promoting tourism, for example), cost of ad placement in any media.

For expenses associated with lead generation and meetings with potential investors:

Eligible expenses

  • Meeting room rental (in Canada).
  • Translation: translation of documents or website content into either of Canada's official languages or foreign languages.
  • Consultant fees.