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1788 Nanjing Xi Lu, Jingan District
Shanghai, 200040

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 0830-1200 and 1300-1700 (E.S.T.: +12)

Territories/Responsibilities: Municipality of Shanghai, provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei

Office Closure: 2015-07-01, 2016-02-08, 2016-02-09, 2016-03-28, 2016-05-02, 2016-10-03, 2016-10-04, 2016-12-23, 2016-12-26, 2017-01-02

Mr. Ryan Baerg
Senior Trade Commissioner

Mr. David Dunkerley
Trade Commissioner
Consumer Products, Defence and Security, Life Sciences, Science and Technology

Ms. Jing Yao
Trade Commissioner

Ms. Carrie Gu
Trade Commissioner
Consumer Products, Life Sciences

Ms. Bella (Xiao Tong) Qiao
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Katrin Spence
Trade Commissioner
Forestry and Wood Products, Infrastructure, Mining, Ocean Technologies, Oil and Gas, Sustainable Technologies

Ms. Claire Zhang
Trade Commissioner
Ocean Technologies, Sustainable Technologies

Mr. Zhichao (Frank) Li
Trade Commissioner
Forestry and Wood Products, Infrastructure

Ms. Simin (Sally) Liu
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Mining, Oil and Gas

Ms. Clare Chen
Trade Commissioner
Agriculture and Processed Foods, Fish and Seafood, Wine, Beer and Spirits

Ms. Dora Wang
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Fish and Seafood

Ms. Lulu Mi
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Wine, Beer and Spirits

Ms. Marilène Gourdeau-Bussière
Trade Commissioner
Education, Financial and Insurance Services, Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada

Ms. Wei Zhao
Trade Commissioner
Financial and Insurance Services, Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada

Ms. Joey Zhao
Trade Commissioner

Ms. Amanda Wu
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Mr. Jason Walsh
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Arts and Cultural Industries, Automotive, Chemicals, Industrial Machinery, Information and Communications Technologies, Tourism, Transportation

Ms. Sandra Jiang
Trade Commissioner
Arts and Cultural Industries, Information and Communications Technologies

Ms. Lan Lan
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Automotive, Tourism, Transportation

Ms. Erica Ding
Trade Commissioner Assistant