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How one company tackled corruption abroad

Protecting your company from corruption requires knowledge and vigilance at all levels. In this conclusion of a two-part series, CanadExport explores the strategies to avoid getting involved in bribery and corruption—and how to deal with it when it happens.

CanExport a springboard to new markets

CanExport helps Canadian companies find new opportunities in high-growth international markets. The cost-sharing program, which is celebrating its six-month anniversary, is opening doors to potential customers all over the world—just ask Team Eagle, an Ontario company looking to land new markets.

Quebec company drives into China and India

PMG Technologies, a Quebec-based automotive safety and testing company, is pursuing two challenging yet lucrative markets: China and India. With help from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, PMG Technologies quickly and efficiently found its footing in each country

Brexit: What it means for Canadian exports

What impact will Brexit have on Canada’s exports to the U.K. and the E.U.? The U.K. is, after all, Canada’s largest export destination within the E.U. by far. Find out in the latest facts and figures from Global Affairs Canada’s Office of the Chief Economist.

ICT mission to Mexico

Mexico, October 24-28, 2016 — The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service invites Canadian ICT companies to participate in a trade mission to Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara. The core of the mission will be a customized B2B matchmaking program. The program also includes a briefing session on the Mexican ICT market and how to do business in Mexico. Register today.

Explore the Middle East's infrastructure market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 21-24, 2016 —
Canadian suppliers are invited to exhibit in the Canadian pavilion at Big 5, one of the largest international building and construction shows in the Middle East and North Africa. Trade Commissioners will be on hand to provide information on business opportunities in the region. Register today.