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Source: Statistics Canada
Note: Services data includes Belgium and Luxembourg.

Why Belgium Matters

  • Belgium is Canada’s sixth-largest trading partner in the European Union with total bilateral merchandise trade in 2015 amounting to $5.3 billion.Footnote 1
  • Within the EU, Belgium is the ninth largest economy and has the 10th largest per capita GDP.Footnote 2
  • Belgian direct investment in Canada is over five times Canadian direct investment in Belgium.Footnote 3
  • Because of its strategic position in the heart of Europe, both politically and geographically, Belgium offers Canadian companies unparalleled access, by both air and sea, to Europe’s major markets and suppliers.
  • Key industrial exports from Canada to Belgium include precious stones and metals, pharmaceuticals, oilseeds, mineral ores, and nickel and related products.

How to export to Belgium

Read the guide Exporting to the EU.

Sectoral Opportunities in Belgium


To learn more about trade and investment opportunities in Belgium, contact your Trade Commissioner in Brussels, Belgium.

Please note that the Trade Commission Service in Brussels also covers Luxembourg.


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